Latest release

The latest and recommended version of Nix is 1.11.6. The quickest way to install it on Linux and Mac OS X is to run the following in a shell (as a user other than root):

$ curl | sh
Make sure to follow the instructions output by the script. You may want to verify the integrity of the installation script using GPG:
$ curl -O
$ curl -O
$ gpg2 --verify ./install.sig
$ sh ./install
The signing key has fingerprint B541 D553 0127 0E0B CF15 CA5D 8170 B472 6D71 98DE.

The installation script requires that you have sudo access to root, unless the directory /nix already exists and is writable by you. You can uninstall Nix simply by running rm -rf /nix. See the manual for more information.

The following are also available:

Continuous builds

You can grab the latest bleeding-edge pre-release from our continuous build system:

Old releases

Old releases are also available.